Thursday, September 29, 2011


“I am free to be authentically me.”

When we shake an intact sand dollar, we can hear a little rattle and know that some surprise remains hidden inside. Breaking open the shell reveals five delicate objects resembling doves or angels. If Mother Nature unfailingly endows the simple sand dollar with angels, can we not trust that she does the same with us?

Although the sand dollar is pretty when whole, it’s even more miraculous when broken and able to share its surprise. That’s a lot like us, although we may look good and function well, it often takes breaking free of old patterns for us to really uncover the marvels within us.

To facilitate the process of discovering our hidden treasures, we need to examine the areas around which we have built protective shells and uncover the fears that prompted our need for shielding. For instance, out of a fear of rejection, I used to hide my opinions if they disagreed with others’. Another woman I know camouflages her sensitivity and vulnerability with a smoke screen of caustic humor.

To help you break free, make a list of ways in which you protect yourself. What shells do you hide in? Following that, write a separate list of the fears that originally made you feel the need for protection. Choose one fear to concentrate on now, and gently close your eyes. Allow a picture of the woman or girl within, who holds that fear, to come into your mind’s eye. As much as you can, accept and befriend her. If that’s difficult, just be with her, asking that your acceptance of her grow each day. Over time, repeat this meditation with the other fears that have confined you, for by accepting the wounded parts of ourselves, we begin to melt their defenses.

We are all laden with gifts and talents yearning to be released in order for their blessings to fly free.

“I know that I have many gifts and talents to share.”

~Courtesy of The Woman’s Book of Confidence

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