Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Self-Esteem Checklist

Self-Esteem is a reflection of how much we love ourselves.  If we accept our strengths and weaknesses, take charge of our lives, and try not to intentionally harm others, we should have high self-esteem.  Others have an effect on us as well.  Many of us let others damage our self-esteem without even knowing it.  Below are ten behaviors you can change that destroy self-esteem:
1. Letting insults go by
2. Giving too much
3. Making excuses for others bad behavior
4. Misunderstanding intimacy (it's not letting others control us)
5. Not confronting issues
6. Allowing others to intimidate us
7. Acting like a chameleon
8. Not setting boundaries with others
9. Not asking for what we want
10. Chasing rejection

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